New release and updates @ 1bp

We have been updating older 1BP items to now include Slink Physique Original and Slink Physique Hourglass sizes. If you have older items that have been updated, please use the redelivery terminals in the 1BP section @ Slink Mainstore.

Our New Release is the Cutout Mini in Glitter or Jersey. Please try the demos before purchase, this style only comes with Slink Physique Original or Slink Physique Hourglass size options.

The items updated so far are :


1BP BabyTux

Cherry Cheong

1bp Cherry Cheong 2016


Blossom Cheong

1bp Blossom Cheong 2016 ad sm

Devo Bikini

1bp Devo Bikini set 2016 sm


Satin Halter top & Cuffed Denim Shorts Colours

1bp Satin Halter 2016


Glomesh Halter top Original and Juicy & Skinny Leathers

1bp glomesh halter sm


Saloni Wrap Top & Pants

1BP - Saloni Wrap Top Saloni Pants  -16

Wrap Tops & Bootcut Jeans

Wrap Top Bootcut Jeans

Wrap Top Bootcut Jeans Ad

Wrap Top Bootcut Jeans Ad

Wrap Top Bootcut Jeans Ad

Jersey Tank Dress

1bp Jersey Tank Dress 2016

Flower Jeans

1bp Flower Jeans 2016

1bp Flower Jeans 2016 ad

Cigarette Pants

1BP - Cigarette Pants

If you have any issues with updating, please contact Slink Resident by IM or notecard and she can assist you as soon as possible.

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