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Who we are @ One Bad Pixel

We’ve been asked a lot about who we are since the contest closed late last night so I am announcing our identities here and now!  We had a lot of great entries, many correct and some very imaginative and interesting guesses 😀  Thank you to all who have participated, you have made our first week so much fun!  Winners will still be announced along with the next release 🙂

The people behind One Bad Pixel are:

Siddean Munro of Slink

sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve

We hope that you have enjoyed our creations as much as we have enjoyed creating them, we have some great stuff planned for the future!


Siddean, Ayan, Rachelle and Sachi posing in current and future 1bp releases!

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A couple of hints @ One Bad Pixel!

These are the hints I have posted so far on our plurk channel 

1: neither of us owns or has ever owned a jewellery store

2: One of us has always had a design partner, the other has always gone solo.

3: We both have active, current stores.


More to come 🙂  Get your entries into Onebadpixel for a chance to win our next release multipack!

Can you guess who we are @ One Bad Pixel?

For the next couple of days, we are running a little competition to guess the 2 designers behind our new all mesh clothing brand One Bad Pixel.  I will be dropping hints here and on our plurk channel (follow us on Plurk)   (visit us inworld)

One of us is fairly easy to guess with a little poking around, the other?  Not so much!  The ones who do guess both our names will receive the Multipack of our next release!  It’s gorgeous, and you don’t want to miss it!

Conditions of entry:

  • One entry per avatar dropped on OneBadPixel (Onebadpixel.resident) by Notecard
  • You must be in the subscriber kiosk or inworld group (we’ve setup a gift for subscribers, and group members get an extra credit when they purchase at our new store)
  • Competition closes at 11:59 pm on Tuesday the 24th of April!

That’s about it, I hope you have fun guessing who we are!  We will announce the names behind the brand with our next release.

Good luck!

New Store New Collection New Collaboration New Gift – One Bad Pixel

BP Crop Jeans Main
BP Glomesh Halter Main
BP Babytux All
1bp Cherry Cheong Main
1bp Pearl Main
Babytux Bra

One Bad Pixel will be opening its doors for the first time TONIGHT at 6.30pm SLT, so please join us for this all mesh release. All items come in standard sizing, and there are demos to try before purchase.

While in the store join the One Bad Pixel Group Subscriber and receive a pair of the cigarette pants in copper as a special gift.

You will find a contest entry next to the subscriber machine, the contest is a Guessing competition. Can you guess who the two designers are in this collaboration ? Enter before Tuesday 24th and you could win the next One Bad Pixel release.

Teleport to One Bad Pixel